Eden Alternative

Purpose, Connection, Empowerment and Possibility

Welcome to Shasta Care Community, where we prioritize not just care, but connection. As families navigate the journey of finding the ideal home for their beloved family members, we understand the importance of a nurturing environment that fosters genuine relationships and meaningful experiences. That’s why we proudly embrace the Eden Alternative®—a philosophy that redefines the traditional approach to eldercare.

The Eden Alternative® is not just a model; it’s a way of life within our community. At Shasta Care Community, we believe that every individual, regardless of age or ability, deserves a life filled with purpose, joy, and dignity. The Eden Alternative® emphasizes this belief by creating environments where residents actively participate in decision-making, engage in meaningful activities, and form deep connections with others.

What sets the Eden Alternative® apart is its holistic approach to care. Rather than focusing solely on physical needs, we understand the importance of addressing emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. By integrating plants, animals, and intergenerational interactions into daily life, we create an environment with the comforts and feel of home —a place where seniors can thrive, and families can find peace of mind.

At Shasta Care Community, we invite families to join us in embracing the Eden Alternative® philosophy. Together, we can create a community where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to live their best life. Join us on this journey of connection, compassion, and care.

Eden Moments at Shasta Care Community

The Eden philosophy endeavors to create moments of joy in the lives of our resident Care Partners. Our resident Care Partners have a rich daily experience through companionship; opportunities to feel useful and valued; and connections to nature, animals, and children.

Eden Moments capture the experiences of our residents lived through the Eden principles.

Below are some recent Eden Moments from our Care Community. We hope you enjoy them as much as our resident and staff Care Partners did!

Bill the Builder

One afternoon, the recreation department at Shasta Care Community received a new cart. Michelle the Rec aide, wrestled with assembling it, feeling a bit flustered. As she fumbled with the pieces,  resident  Bill stepped forward, offering his assistance.

Bill shared that he had raised two daughters and often helped them assemble various things. He also proudly recounted how he once built a cozy log cabin for his mother in Lac St. Anne, Alberta. Michelle gratefully accepted his help, touched by his willingness.

Together, they pieced the cart together, Bill’s experienced hands swiftly sorting through the parts. As the cart took shape, Bill’s face beamed with a sense of accomplishment. He felt invigorated and alive, relishing the chance to contribute his skills once more.

For Bill, this seemingly simple task wasn’t just about assembling a cart; it was a moment of purpose, a chance to offer his expertise, and a reminder of his capability to make a difference. 

Eden Principle #4- we thrive when we have purpose and opportunity to give as well as receive . this is antidote to helplessness.

Embracing Purpose

On a weekend morning at Shasta Care Community, Michelle, a Recreation Aide, noticed a resident, Winnie sitting alone on the couch in the lobby area. Michelle went to say hi and Winnie mentioned to Michelle that she was feeling bored. With a smile, Michelle saw an opportunity to engage Winnie and asked for her help. There was a task at hand: distributing monthly calendars and newsletters throughout the building. Excited, Winnie agreed.

Michelle handed Winnie the newsletters and calendars, and they began their rounds together. As they went from room to room, chatting and distributing calendars, her day transformed into a flurry of activity and joy. Together, they managed to finish the task on time.

Grateful for the purposeful morning, Winnie thanked Michelle for involving her. This simple gesture made her feel valued and helpful. The experience perfectly reflected Eden Principle 4: thriving comes from having purpose and the chance to contribute. It was an antidote to any feelings of helplessness.

Moreover, the spontaneous task broke the monotony of Winnie routine, aligning with Eden Principle 5. Variety and unexpected events filled her day, eradicating her boredom. It was a reminder that these unplanned moments can bring immense fulfillment and joy in one’s life.

Crafting Meaningful Moments

At Shasta Care Community, a group of residents embarked on a heartfelt journey to honor veterans in a unique and touching way. With Remembrance Day approaching, they gathered in the Hobby Room, armed with creativity and a deep sense of purpose.

The residents channeled their talents into making handmade Remembrance Day cards for the veterans. Each card was a labor of love, adorned with heartfelt messages and patriotic symbols, resonating with the essence of Eden

Principle 4 – finding purpose through giving and receiving.

But it didn’t stop there. The group, determined to create a solemn yet beautiful ambiance for the Remembrance Day ceremony, started painting. Poppies, symbolic of sacrifice, bloomed on canvases. “Lest We Forget” signs were meticulously crafted, and decorations for the reflection room took shape, echoing Eden Principle 6 – finding meaning through purposeful activities.

A sense of meaning enveloped the room with residents’ handmade paintings and cards. Each stroke of paint and every carefully placed element on the cards and decorations reflected the residents’ deep respect and gratitude for the veterans. Residents found meaning in their craft, a purposeful activity that strengthened their spirits and honored those who served.

In their unique way, the residents exemplified the essence of the Eden Principles, embracing purpose, giving, and finding profound meaning in their heartfelt creations.